Turmeric powder

Health benefits

  • Improve brain function & memory
  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Help prevent cancer
  • Support of detoxification
  • Treat alzheimer’s disease
  • Fight against depression

Nutrient details

Turmeric, ground
2.00 tsp
4.40 grams

Calories: 16
GI: very low
Nutrient Amount DRI/DV (%) Nutrient Density World’s Healthiest Foods Rating
manganese 0.34 mg 17 19.6 excellent
iron 1.82 mg 10 11.7 excellent
vitamin B6 0.08 mg 5 5.4 good
fiber 0.93 mg 4 4.3 good
copper 0.03 mg 3 3.9 good
potassium 111.10 mg 3 3.7 good

Daily recommended intake: 1 to 3 grams( 1 teaspoon is around 2 grams)
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When to avoid

Blood Thinning : According to the National Institutes of Health, turmeric may slow blood clotting.

Diabetes: Turmeric may lower blood sugar. Avoid turmeric if you take diabetes medications, since turmeric could cause your blood sugar to fall even further.

Pregnancy: Turmeric should be avoided during pregnancy. According to the NIH, turmeric may stimulate the uterus or promote a menstrual period.